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Luna's Group

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Luna d'Autunno - Hanoi

In 1999 Gino Benelli, Hanoi's patriarch of Italian Food, built a monument to his passion for Italian cooking, the "Luna d'Autunno - Italian Restaurant" were borne.

Through the years, Luna d'Autunno continues to honor our fonder's vision with every meal we serve.  Every bite you take at the Restaurant is made from the absolute best ingredients available, the Freshest Meats and Produce, all carefully sourced and selected everything else is...  IMPORTED from ITALY

Taste is the most important consideration at Luna d'Autunno.  Our signature is Traditional Italian recipes whose elegance and simplicity showcases the unbeatable flavors of our ingredients.

Hospitality is second only to taste at Luna d'Autunno. We strive to offer second-to-none service for everything from a romantic date to a family dinner. Our new location, opened in 2014, offers a choice of seating including indoor and outdoor tables to meet your fine dining needs.


Luna d'Autunno ~ the real taste of Italy, right in the heart of Hanoi!

We think Gino would approve!