If you’re still afraid to take 10 minutes a day to make a cup of juice, you’ll change it knowing the following benefits.

1. Juice helps you consume more fruits and vegetables

This is especially true for vegetables. When you juice vegetables, you’ll be able to experiment with more vegetables you don’t like eating before. Adding to your favorite tree juices will help conceal the smell of the vegetables you dislike.

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2. Juice gives you more energy

When you juice, you’re getting the vitamins and nutrients of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, when you drink this juice, you are providing a large amount of vitamins to help the body have more energy.

3. Juice helps you sleep better

A cup of fruit and vegetable juice can help you sleep better. Fruits like cherries, kiwi and oranges contain melatonin which is a hormone that helps the body to fall asleep. A study conducted by Louisiana State University found that adults who drank two cups of cherry juice a day would sleep an extra 90 minutes in the evening.

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4. Juice helps you focus better

A cup of green juice can keep you awake and energetic, thus helping you focus better.

5. Juice helps you live longer

Drinking fresh juice regularly is essential to keeping your health stable. Fruits and vegetables are natural herbs. Consuming them regularly will help stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and may even prevent cancer.

6. Juice helps you detox

If you eat a harmful healthy item, fruit juice can help overcome that. A cup of juice is the perfect way to get rid of toxins from the body, instead with important nutrients, and help you feel refreshed.

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7. Juices help fight dehydration

If you drink fruit juice regularly, you can help your body to stay hydrated because fruits and vegetables are very high in water.

8. Juice helps you lose weight

Needing to lose a few kilograms of excess weight? Fruit juice can definitely help you do that. The juice helps curb cravings and is definitely healthier than junk food. Not to mention, the juice also helps you digest better, making weight loss more effective.

9. Juice helps your digestive system

If you have indigestion problems, a glass of vegetable juice will be a good solution for your condition.

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