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Lots of things about pizza that you probably never knew

You May Not Know Many Interesting Things About Pizza

Pride of traditional Italian cuisine, Pizza offers a very different feel. Up to now, the cake has followed the locals as well as tourists traveling around the world, including Vietnam. However, there are many interesting things about pizza that not everyone knows.

Điều Thú Vị Về Pizza

Pizza hides lots of interesting things

Pizza is originally from Greece

Referring to pizza, people immediately think of Italy. But few people know, the ancient origin of this cake originated from Greece. At that time, people here had a habit of baking bread on dry rocks and taking advantage of leftovers that covered the surface and pizza appeared from that time. Some time later, the cake began to be introduced to Italy. At that time, it was round, flat cakes, covered with food on top and not too different from today’s pizza shape.

In 1889, pizza was officially named and shaped, exactly the same material as it is now. Although originating from Greece, but Italy is the country that makes the flavor characteristics of this delicious cake.

Điều Thú Vị Về Pizza

Since ancient times pizza originated from Greece

Pizza – one of the most popular cakes in America

Not only is the dish typical in Italy, pizza is also loved in many other countries. The United States is one of the most consuming countries in the world, even surpassing Italy. Statistics show that: an American consumes up to 9kg per year; 93% of Americans eat cookies at least once a month. Therefore, pizza shops account for 17% of all restaurants in the United States. In addition, each year, an average of about 5 billion cakes are sold worldwide.

Điều Thú Vị Về Pizza

Pizza is the favorite cake in the world

February 9 every year is chosen as the International Pizza Day

This shows that this dish occupies a very important position in Italian culinary culture. Pizza is not only a cake with a typical flavor but also associated with the process of building and forming the country from the time of Queen Margherita Teresa Giovanni. Further, before pizza was officially called, it was a kind of bread served to the poor working class, and with them through the hard times of the country.

Up to now, the cake has become a popular and favorite dish in many countries around the world. Therefore, the appearance of Pizza International Day is obvious because it has become a familiar part of life.

Điều Thú Vị Về Pizza

9/2 was chosen as the International Pizza Day

Italians do not eat pizza with salad like Vietnamese

In Vietnam, pizza is often served with a salad. However, at its birthplace, Italians never eat salad when enjoying pizza. Instead, they eat cake with ice cream or serve with appetizers like olives, cheese, bacon, mushrooms …

No need to use a knife and fork when eating cake

In Western countries, when they eat and drink, they often use a knife and fork to use their hands to become a taboo. However, the arrival of pizza has made the exception: Westerners can use pizza by hand without being judged ungainly on the table. Particularly in Vietnam, waiters usually provide knives and forks for diners but you absolutely can choose the way to enjoy the most comfortable pizza.

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