(TBTCO) – On the occasion of the International Pizza Day, January 17, the Italian National Association of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has announced that the number of daily pizzas in Italy has reached 8. Million pieces; Equivalent to 2 billion pieces / year.


The number of daily pizza pies in Italy has reached 8 million.

According to the Italian National Aquaculture Association Coldiretti, the Italian pizza industry has a turnover of around 10 billion euros.

Facilities that sell pizzas include restaurants, pizza ovens, and cafes that combine fast food with about 127,000 service workers. Particularly, the number of pizza makers regularly reaches 105,000 and can reach 200,000 on weekends.

According to statistics, up to 8 in 10 Italians prefer traditional cakes.

Round shaped pizza, with a craft base, baked in the oven with firewood is still the most preferred type.

The current average price of pizza in Italy is defined as about 7 euros / standard standard cake.

Still according to this statistic, about 75% of respondents prefer to eat pizza served at the table.

Huge pizza production requires the industry to import additional ingredients from abroad such as Lithuanian mozzarella cheese, concentrated tomato sauce of China, Tunisian oil and Ukrainian wheat.

According to a survey by Coldiretti, up to 39% of Italians believe that Pizza is the culinary symbol of this country. And it’s no coincidence that an online survey by the Dante Alighieri Institute found that Pizza is the most popular Italian word abroad with 8% of the respondents, followed by cappuccino (7%), spaghetti (7 %) and espresso (6%).

Passion for pizza has become global, Americans are the most consumers with 13 kg / person / year, while Italians lead the charts in Europe with 7.6 kg; Followed by Spanish (4.3 kg), French and German (4.2 kg), followed by English, Belgian, Portuguese and Austrian.

In line with the trend of globalization, Italians could not imagine the variations of pizza with pineapple, banana or chicken filling to suit the culinary customs of different countries; Different from the first pizza made with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, the three colors represent the Italian flag, to serve Queen Margherita in 1889.

* Guinness World has recorded the record for the longest Pizza in the world produced on May 18, 2016 in Naples with the exact length of 1,853.88 meters.

* In 2017, Italy’s traditional Naples pizza art was recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as an intangible cultural heritage.

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